World-Class Engineered Thermoplastic Valves


Compact Ball Valve


  • Economically priced
  • Light weight and maintenance-free makes for an easy installations
  • Durable construction, low torque with self lubricating Teflon® seat
  • Body construction- light weight, chemical resistant, non-corrosive
Compact Ball Valve Diagram

Materials of Construction

1 Body 1 UPVC
2 Ball 1 UPVC
3 Seat Carrier 1 UPVC
4 Stem 1 UPVC
5 End Connector 1 UPVC
6 Seat Carrier O'ring 1 EPDM
7 Stem O'ring 2 EPDM
8 Body O'ring 2 EPDM
9 Seat 2 PTFE
10 Activities Jumper 1 UPVC
11 Handle Lever 1 PP
12 Handle 1 PP
13 Jumper 1 PP
14 Washer 1 PP
15 Bolt 1 SUS 304
16 Cap 1 PP

Ansi Dimensions

Size Inch D1 d P L K H Test Pressure Working Pressure
Socket Thread
6" 5.9 6.65 5.9 3.03 14.04 14.23 8.15 225 150

Testing performed on PVC/EPDM valves at 73°F water temperature, non-shock.

TVI Compact Ball Valves (1/2" - 4")

Design Specifications

Thermoplastic compact ball valve (6") shall have a one piece PVC molded body with socket or threaded end connections. Valve is full port for lowest possible pressure loss. Seat shall be compromised of Teflon® and seal of EPDM. Every valve is fully pressure and cycle tested to insure quality. Valve shall have a one piece self centering ball and steam design for leak tight operation. Material of construction shall be as follows:

Body, Ball & Stem

PVC, ASTM D-1784


PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene),
Teflon® (DuPont Dow Elastomers)

Seals (o'rings)

EPDM, Ethylene propylene Diene Monomer

Manual Level

ABS D-1788

End connectors shall conform to the following standards:


ASTM - D-2467 (PVC, SCH-80)


ASTM - D-2464 (PCP, SCH-80)